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Support Policy

Your experience with Mobile Credits doesn’t stop at the checkout. We are committed to providing you with the support you need to take full advantage of our products.

If our documentation and tutorials don’t help answer your question, our support team is available 24/7 to assist you. You can create a new ticket from your account area and our team will be there to assist you.

However, keep in mind that sometimes issues occur that are not caused by malfunction. There might be situations when neither the (d)App itself nor our framework are at fault. Among other things, network performance can be affected by service providers, additional (blockchain) functionality that requires external sources and, of course, attempts to process a lot of transactions in a very short time. With our transparent pricing you only pay for the features you use and/or need, no hidden fees.

Support Channels

Support is only provided via our Help Desk. Currently, we do not provide support via any other channel (including, but not limited to email, Twitter, Facebook or over the phone).

Although you may find information about our products in forums and articles, please be aware that we do not moderate those. Our team can only assist you via our Help Desk.

You can submit a ticket via our Help Desk. When submitting your ticket, please be aware of what is included as part of our support service and what is not.

Our documentation contains answers to most questions. Please have a look, before submitting a ticket.

Who can access the Help Desk

To access our support, you will need to have an active (d)App. If your (d)App is out of service, you will no longer have access to support. After a (d)App is out of service, it can no longer be reactivated and will need to be purchased again.

What is included in our Support Service

Support includes assistance with the build, configuration and use of our (d)Apps. Only our (d)Apps are supported.

What is NOT included in our Support Service

  • Support for (d)Apps from third parties
  • Fixing issues related to integrations with other third party software that are not mentioned on our product pages, as supported integrations
  • General (d)App Support. We do not provide support for issues that are not closely related to our products.
  • Customizations and modifications (including, but not limited to color changes, image changes etc…)
  • Adding new features to our products, or extending the existing features.

In our quest to provide the best possible support, we must have some limitations to allow our support team to provide the best service. Providing assistance with customizations and modifications can take up extra time from our support agents, which can hurt their ability to respond to another customer with a valid issue, in a timely manner. And that customer can sometimes be you.

24/7 Support & Escalated Issues

At Mobile Credits we have a customer support team available 24/7 who will respond with regular updates to your submitted tickets, and we remain committed to finishing tasks and requests in as fast turnaround.

However, Please Note that tickets that:

  • require bugs to be investigated,
  • require additional troubleshooting due to specific setup/hosting environment
  • or require additional development from our Product Team

will attain the escalation of Tier 3 and will require a greater turnaround time. In these cases customers will be provided a tentative timeline (where possible) on their tickets and regular updates when the status of their ticket changes.

Customizations & Modifications

Customizing our products for your specific project requirements is not included as part of the support we provide. Our products are sold as described in their respective product pages and other supporting documents on our website.

Anything that changes the look and feel or the functional aspects of a product is considered a customization.

While we do try to provide you with as much guidance as possible, you are responsible for any additional customizations as required by your project.

We do provide customizing services, through our (d)App service team. You can submit a ticket if you need help with your (d)App.

Bug Fixing

When a (d)App bug is reported to us, we commit to fixing the issue as soon as possible.

For smaller issues in our themes & plugins, and when possible, we try to provide a solution via our Help Desk as a temporary fix while we’re waiting for a new (d)App update.

A bug is only valid when it is an issue with the set of features we advertise about our product. A new feature request or a new integration will not be considered as a bug.

About this Support Policy

  • Our Support Policy outlines the expectations you can have from our support service.
  • By using our site and purchasing our products, you consent to our Support Policy.

If you do not agree with our Support Policy, or have questions, please contact us before using our website and purchasing our products.