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Help Desk

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What is NOT included in our Support Service

  • Support for (d)Apps from third parties
  • Fixing issues related to integrations with other third party software that are not mentioned on our product pages, as supported integrations
  • General (d)App Support. We do not provide support for issues that are not closely related to our products.
  • Customizations and modifications (including, but not limited to color changes, image changes etc…)
  • Adding new features to our products, or extending the existing features.

In our quest to provide the best possible support, we must have some limitations to allow our support team to provide the best service. Providing assistance with customizations and modifications can take up extra time from our support agents, which can hurt their ability to respond to another customer with a valid issue, in a timely manner. And that customer can sometimes be you.

Development Team

We work with a privatly-owned, Europe based company connected to the Crypto Valley Association, an independent, non-governmental association and Swiss nationwide ecosystem specialized in developing Centralized (CeFi), Decentralized (DeFi), Web3 & IPFS payment solutions for all business, products & servces. Dedicated to innovating and providing the most cutting-edge technology for a seamless ecosystem to accept digital payments worldwide.

Future & Beyond

Physically Backed Tokens (PBT), connecting a physical asset to a digital token on the blockchain (Ethereum) for blockchain-based authentication (NFT) through on-chain tracking of NFT ownership and decentralized authentication for physical assets. Physical-backed token owners can accept instant payments from different clients by scanning the chip on the item (NFC). Digital currencies & fast payments will enhance efficiency and financial inclusion, while buttressing data privacy with digital version of sovereign currrency (e.g. Stablecoin) as foundation, while safeguarding stability & security of the future monetary system (Banking 4.0).


Road Map

  • Promote interoperability to create an open, inclusive, and competitive marketplace
  • Be an enabler with minimal public digital infrastructure
  • Be scale efficient and build for population-scale adoption
  • Omnichannel, Multichannel & Crosschannel interoperability
  • Make digital commerce, small-business friendly and broad-based innovation
  • Pave the way to unlock innovation for reimagining digital commerce
  • Ensure rapid digitalization of small-business owners and consumers
  • Eliminate the need for a central intermediairy in the Metaverse (AI, VR, AR, MR)
  • Zero debts and no more lending for a healthy financial system (DeFi)